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Are you interested in biblical creation?

Then this is the book for you!

Beyond Intelligent Design

by Mel Mulder, MD

Dr. Mel Mulder has published a scholarly book that details and supports six day creation of our massive universe and its inhabitants. He substantiates that, based on the best of what science has to offer, design theorists have shown that natural processes cannot account for the realities of the universe. Given the arguments of Denton, Behe, Johnson, Dembski, and an army of creationists, evolutionary biologists are on the run and their cosmological cousins are scattered. Since a reasonable, testable case has been made for the supernatural origin of life, all other areas are now open to the six day view of creation, including cosmic, geophysical, and human origins.

Dr. Mulder was a practicing surgeon in the San Francisco Bay Area for twenty-five years as Physician-in-Chief at a 250 bed hospital. Thereafter, he was the Medical Director of the Ohio Permanente Medical Group, serving also on the Board of Governors for the Cleveland Clinic. He has held memberships on numerous boards and committees plus he has participated in several short-term foreign medical mission endeavors. From early childhood, Dr. Mulder has been interested in the biblical view of creation and has researched these miraculous events thoroughly over many years. Thus, he is highly qualified to address creation as it actually occurred.

In addition to his book, Dr. Mulder has creation resources available consisting of CD ROM power point presentations and audio CD packets. He is available to present seminars on intelligent design to churches and other interested groups.

For further information, contact Dr. Mel Mulder at his website: